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Largest places in Gambia

The largest cities and places in Gambia at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Gambia.

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Largest places in Gambia
Brikama Brikama1.Western Western77,700
Bakau Bakau2.Banjul Banjul43,098
Banjul Banjul3.Banjul Banjul34,589
Farafenni Farafenni4.North Bank North Bank29,867
Lamin Lamin5.North Bank North Bank24,797
Sukuta Sukuta6.Western Western15,131
Basse Santa Su Basse Santa Su7.Upper River Upper River14,380
Gunjur Gunjur8.Western Western14,088
Soma Soma9.Lower River Lower River9,869
Sabi Sabi10.Upper River Upper River7,738
Bansang Bansang11.Central River Central River7,615
Abuko Abuko12.Western Western6,572
Essau Essau13.North Bank North Bank5,907
Barra Barra14.North Bank North Bank5,323
Demba Kunda Demba Kunda15.Upper River Upper River4,817
Koina Koina16.Upper River Upper River3,870
Diabugu Diabugu17.Upper River Upper River3,722
Georgetown Georgetown18.Central River Central River3,584
Sami Sami19.Central River Central River2,794
Kerewan Kerewan20.North Bank North Bank2,751
Jarreng Jarreng21.Central River Central River2,705
Sutukoba Sutukoba22.Upper River Upper River2,693
Somita Somita23.Western Western2,541
Kuntaur Kuntaur24.Central River Central River2,534
Nyamanari Nyamanari25.Upper River Upper River2,090
Baro Kunda Baro Kunda26.Lower River Lower River1,991
Bakadagy Bakadagy27.Upper River Upper River1,979
Mansa Konko Mansa Konko28.Lower River Lower River1,978
Saba Saba29.North Bank North Bank1,974
Saruja Saruja30.Central River Central River1,959
No Kunda No Kunda31.North Bank North Bank1,913
Galleh Manda Galleh Manda32.Central River Central River1,872
Sankwia Sankwia33.Lower River Lower River1,831
Kaiaf Kaiaf34.Lower River Lower River1,819
Jakhaly Jakhaly35.Central River Central River1,793
Keneba Keneba36.Lower River Lower River1,775
Kumbija Kumbija37.Upper River Upper River1,760
Toniataba Toniataba38.Lower River Lower River1,755
Karantaba Karantaba39.Central River Central River1,753
Nioro Nioro40.Lower River Lower River1,746
Katchang Katchang41.North Bank North Bank1,741
Denton Denton42.Central River Central River1,712
Dankunku Dankunku43.Central River Central River1,641
Gunjur Kuta Gunjur Kuta44.Upper River Upper River1,566
Sutukung Sutukung45.Lower River Lower River1,506
Sudowol Sudowol46.Upper River Upper River1,502
Wellingara Ba Wellingara Ba47.Lower River Lower River1,476
Bureng Bureng48.Lower River Lower River1,472
Wassu Wassu49.Central River Central River1,380
Karantaba Karantaba50.Lower River Lower River1,372

1 - 50 of 313 places
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